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Who are we

Convox Optical was established in 2007 and was invested and established by NEOVAC Co., Ltd., a top optoelectronic equipment manufacturer in South Korea. The first phase of the investment is 12 million US dollars. It is a world-leading resin lens processing factory. The company is located at No.56 Yinhe Road, Zhenjiang New District. It covers an area of 48 acres, with a construction area of 32,000 square meters. Convox Optical’s two automated lens production lines designed to produce "best quality optical products" have been completed and put into production. There are currently 10 NEV new vacuum coating machines, which can produce 50,000 pairs of high-quality resin lenses per day. The annual output reaches 20 million pairs, which is the top level in the industry.

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What we do

Convox Optical is committed to the research and development and production of optics products. The products range from low-fold CR-39 to 1.56, 1.61 mid-fold resin lenses and the world's technologically leading high refractive index at 1.67, 1.74 and above ultra-thin resin lenses; from single focus to bifocal lenses to free-form progressive multifocal lenses; from spherical lenses to aspherical surfaces to double-sided aspherical surfaces; from waterproof top lens to waterproof and oil-repellent, Anti-scratch top lens: from normal speed photo chromic lens to film layer color changing progressive multifocal lens; from super tough, colorful, anti-fog series to anti-blue light series of functional films, all are the portrayal of Convox Optical's excellent technology.

Our technology development

We believe that through today's technological innovation, we will find a much-needed solution during the process of facing the challenges of tomorrow. Technology can bring us all kinds of opportunities-to ensure the continuous development of the company's business, through design innovation, to ensure that people have a clearer and more perfect visual enjoyment, and to ensure that people discover new possibilities. In the next few years, our professionals will face many challenges, put forward creative ideas, and develop products and services that lead the field of optics. Their ingenuity will enable Convox Optical to continuously develop into a company that can lead the development trend of optics, and eventually become a "truly global outstanding enterprise" with a century of development and continuous prosperity.


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Korean technology
Convox is Korea Joint venture, Adopt South Korea's top technology on daily Lens production.

Personalized customization
Advanced production equipment and 15+ years experience support us can provide good service for Prescription order.


Excellent quality
All products are inspected through 5 procedures,make sure every piece lens will bring you clear vision.

Timely supply
Modern storage system and sufficient ready stock can provide customers with fast delivery service

Eyewear lens type
Korean engineers
Satisfied clients
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Why Choose Us?

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Korean technology support
Convox was invested and operated by Korea’s top optical equipment Manufacturer.
The invest amount is up to $12 million US dollers.
Over 15 years experience
Since 2007 our Chinese factory started work, we control the cost in a better way but according Korea production standard.
Full range of eyewear lens
We are specialized in manufacturing CR-39, 1.56, 1.59, 1.61, 1.67, 1.71, 1.74, 1.76 series of high quality resin lens. Function lenses as PhotoChromic, Blue block, Progressive, Anti-glare, Anti-fog and so on.
Personalized customized optimized lens
Our RX equipments are imported from Germany LOH company, can supply all kinds of special requirement include Freeform lens in 72 hours
Technological innovation
Closely follow the market demand, develop products and services leading the field of visual optics

Company culture: Respect is our way of treating others. We are full of enthusiasm for what we do and the lasting pursuit of Convox Optical We encourage innovation in all aspects of work We strive for excellence in everything we do We conduct business operations under the principle of
integrity We create value for customers together

Company's vision: Convox Optical has always followed a concept: to lead the development trend of optics and become a "truly global outstanding enterprise" with a century of development and continuous prosperity. We believe that through today's technological innovation, we will find a much-needed solution during the process of facing the challenges of tomorrow.

Company's fate: In Convox Optical, the company mission that we must follow in all aspects is: to become the best optics company. In the next few years, our professionals will face many challenges, put forward creative ideas, and develop Leading products and services in the field of optics. Their originality will enable Convox Optical to continue to develop into a profitable and trustworthy company.

Company values: Integrity, Development, Innovation, Excellence.

Company purpose: Keep improving, Always be the first.

General manager policy: Train first-class talents, Produce first-class products, Build first-class factories.